Malaysian Ageing Research Network (MARN) is a network of researchers in the field of ageing among researchers in Malaysia. 

Why should I join MARN?

  1. To get latest research update on ageing and older persons
  2. To network with researchers from other institutions and disciplines.
  3. To share/ disseminate findings from my research
8 Sep 2017
MARN Preparation Meeting #1
24 Oct 2017
MARN Workshop #1 @KPWKM
30 Apr 2018
Wayforward Meeting #1 MARN
18 Jun 2019
Wayforward Meeting #2 MARN
19 Dec 2019
Wayforward Meeting #3 MARN
12 Feb 2020
MARN Workshop #2 @MyAgeing™
7 Okt 2020
Wayforward Meeting #4 MARN

Logo Definition



The designated logo has two aspects; first is based on the image and second is based on the wording.

The image logo was inspired by the initial of ‘M’ and ‘A’. ‘M- Malaysia’ and ‘A’ – Ageing. MARN is a research network that gather all researchers from multi/ interdisciplinary fields (social, medical, technology, environment, and others) in ageing in Malaysia.

The ‘MARN’ wording is the complementary for the image. The word written in bold and close to each other presents the network of researchers in ageing.  The researchers come from different disciplines & institutions; we can work closely together to face the challenges of population ageing in Malaysia.

MARN Protem Committee

Dato’ Dr. Tengku Aizan Hamid (MyAgeing, Universiti Putra Malaysia)

Laboratory of Social Gerontology

Prof. Dr. Tan Maw Pin
(Universiti Malaya)

Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Dr. Suzana Shahar
(Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)

Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr. Mohd. Khairul Anuar Rahimi
(Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia)

Faculty of Leadership and Management

Prof. Dr. Teh Pei Lee
(Monash University Malaysia)

Department of Management

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asrenee Abd Razak
(Universiti Sains Malaysia)

School of Medical Sciences

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